Orange is the color of success and passion.

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An orange-themed collection of items from the Metaphysical Team on Etsy. Wishing us all passion in our work, and success along the way.

Home Protection Rune Amulet

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Kate White Moon 

To Be a Witch ArtFire Metaphysical Team Collection

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To Be a Witch

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Sunset Working Magikal Kabinet

You don’t need things to be a witch, but sharing in the wisdom and practices of others, expands our own knowledge. Here are some delightful handcrafted items to peruse and perhaps add to your own stores of Witchy goodness.

How To Ground Yourself and Raise Your Vibration

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Photo taken by Allurynn Daugherty of MagickalReflections

Photo was taken by Allurynn Daugherty of MagickalReflections and used with her permission

I used to find communicating with my Spirit Guide extremely frustrating at times. Often there was so much interference it was like talking to someone on a cell phone with spotty reception. Usually I could get the gist of the message, but I would feel like I might be missing out on some pretty important information. I also experienced headaches afterward from the difficulty of trying to stay focused and concentrate.

During one of my communications, I had to cut it short. I was tired and the headaches were really getting to me. This was still new to me (well, new in that I was choosing to have an active relationship with my spirit guide vs the occasional message) and Oracle was speaking of the importance of grounding and meditating to communicate. Needless to say, I was quite upset that we were not able to finish. I thanked Oracle for the message, apologized for not being able to finish the conversation and said my goodbye.

In our next conversation, Oracle shared with me a wonderful meditation in which I grounded myself and raised my vibration. It made all the difference.

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