Tarot Prosperity Spell

Posted by Morika     Category: Magick and Mojo, Prosperity in All Its Forms

Well….what I am hearing a LOT of and I am sure you are is people talking about money; mostly the lack thereof.  Other things I am hearing in terms of prosperity and abundance is the lack of time, the lack of friendships….and unfortunately, some are dealing with “food insecurity” among many other depletions in their lives.  This is hard.  This is real life.  This is what we deal with on a daily basis.   You know…. when you’re in the shower alone and nobody sees you… the tears that just flow or maybe you’re so overwrought, you can’t even cry.  All due to a lack of something in your life.  That negative “lack” has an unfortunate side effect.  It actually is ACTIVE.  The more the lack is dwelled upon, the more it seems to attract other negatives (arguing with spouses, children, etc; traffic tickets; overlooked tasks, etc.) into your life.  There’s one word I can think of right now.


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