Blackthorn Wreath ‘STAY AWAY’ Spell Amulet

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The use of wood in a wreath or circlet gives a continuum of the wood’s virtues and it is ideal for spell work as it will hold the energy over a long period of time. The supple length for such a wreath needs to be fresh new growth or it will not take the bend; collect it at dawn when there is still dew on it if possible, and with the dawn chorus filling the sky, take a gift to repay the Goddess, and always remember to ask and also thank the tree.

For example I always say:

“Blessed ……………….tree, I have need of thee,
Growth fresh and new, I’ve witching work to do.
Thank you.”

The blackthorn wreath or circle is a real old favorite to help one deal with a difficult person, this may be an ex lover or husband, a rival or a nosy neighbor; sadly from time to time we all will encounter people we need to  ‘get rid’ or to help ‘stay away’.  Blackthorn is the darkest of the  faery thorns, very powerful and ideal for difficult cases, however never work with blackthorn if you are full of anger or malice as like draws to like, and you would only regret the repercussions.

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Basics of Candle Spell Casting

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So you want to cast a spell to improve your love life, find a job, rid yourself of negative energy, create an environment of health and happiness, (or any other spell you can possibly imagine) but don’t want to go to the trouble of setting an altar, casting a circle, chanting all sorts of incantations – you know, the whole nine yards?

One of the easiest methods (cheapest & quickest too) of spell casting is with a candle.  Candle spells can be as simple or complex as you want, require only one thing (the candle!), and you don’t need to be a Hogwarts grad, High Priestess, or witchcraft whiz to do it.

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