Simple Breathing Techniques and Cleansing Meditation

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Often in our busy lives we feel disconnected from everyone and even ourselves.  We are lost in thought, unaware of our surroundings, our environment.  It is as if we feel disembodied.  We lose our earthly selves and become mental solitary beings.

By grounding ourselves we can reconnect with the Earth, our self and others.  Grounding brings us back down to the Earth.  We become more aware, more present and therefore more connected.  We realign our body, mind and spirit; our earthly body, our thoughts and our celestial body.

The simple breathing technique that I will share with you is a common one and rather easy.  It is where I suggest anyone looking to start meditating begin as it grounds us, bringing attention to our breath which in turn makes us fully aware and present.

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Focus & Motivation Spell for Back to School

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Back to School (yes, it is actually nearly time for a lot of schools around the country as some schools here are going back in August!!)

Here we are again!  It’s hard to believe the year is already nearing Fall.  The wheels on the bus do go ‘round and ‘round, as does the Wheel of the Year.  As we are heading into August (for us Pagans, is definitely early Autumn, in addition to Back to School for many), our thoughts are pulled in a million directions – kids’ going back to school and all that implies (i.e., shopping for school clothes, school supplies, schedules, chauffeuring the kids, rehearsals, team sport practices, etc.) and our own work schedules/home schedules and getting everything to coincide and work together in some smooth synergy (yeah, like that’s gonna happen?!).  Well, we CAN make it a bit easier… so read on…

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Brick & Mortar store in Los Angeles: The Green Man

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Tired of purchasing online because there was not a resource in the San Fernando Valley, owners Jill, Carrie and Joe often mused about the lack of a brick and mortar shop nearby, wishing ‘someone’ would open one.  It was when their thoughts of ‘someone’ became ‘why not us’ that the wheels were greased and the trip to opening a store of their own became a non-stop trip to manifestation.

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