Making A Simple Herbal Tea

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“Simplicity is the final flower; behind it are cataclysms of the soul and accumulations of wisdom, just as behold the simplicity of a leaf are cosmic and geological changes without number.” -Claude Bragdon, The New Image, 1928

Herbal medicine is arguably the world’s oldest science. Every culture in the world steeps herbs in water for  refreshing and medicinal drinks.

Herbal medicine isn’t as complex as it seems at first. In fact, it can be quite simple. Let’s start with making a simple cup of tea. The purpose in making an herbal tea is to extract the medicinal values from the herb into a cup of water. Pick one or two plants that you are familiar with to start. My favorite and one that is in my yard so easily accessible to me is gardenia.
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Cauldron Consecration Ritual – Enchantment

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Consecrate your Cauldron on the Full Moon or within three days prior to or after a Full Moon.

Make sure you chose or will choose a cauldron that you really like.  Don’t settle for one that is “okay.”  Or, if your cauldron “found you” instead of you finding it, then accept this as the cauldron you should have for the time being.  It doesn’t mean you cannot buy one at a later time or upgrade, but for some reason, if one falls into your lap (gift, whatever), then you have found at least one of your cauldrons you are supposed to have, at least for now.

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