Autumn Squash Recipe to Warm Your Spirit.

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Squash is pumpkin’s frumpy, unpopular, uncool cousin and many people don’t like it.    I also disliked it until I tried this unique, delicious recipe given to me by my sister.  Not only is it healthy but it packs a nice aromatic blend of spices which have their own magical properties.

According to folklore, squash is associated with wholeness of the spirit and fruitfulness of the intuitive mind.  This dish contains cinnamon and nutmeg, both of which are thought to bring prosperity.  It also has a small amount of curry powder, which gives it a firy, spirited kick.  The cinnamon also has associations with love and passion, as do the apples.

So although you may have had doubts about squash, and even if you’re unsure of this recipe (which admittedly sounds a little odd), give it a try.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!
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Get Ready to Contact Ancestral Spirits by Getting Rid of Spirits…?? Huh?

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It’s Samhain!  October 2012 is here and what a year it has been!  This is definitely the “high time” if you are Pagan and/or a Witch where contacting “ghosts” is quite the norm.  As most of us know, Samhain/Halloween is the time where the veil between the worlds (our world and the otherworld) is at its thinnest and easiest to cross through to reach, contact and visit with our ancestors and/or anybody else that we choose that has passed from this physical plane.

Creepy Samhain House
Creepy Samhain House

Because of this, I thought it would be a great idea to give you a quick little spell that you can do BEFORE Samhain eve to clear your home from any negative energies and/or entities that you do not want roaming about, prior to your performing your Samhain ritual so that the canvas is cleared so-to-speak and you have a clean slate in which to invite the guest or guests of your choosing.
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Double-Action Candles… WtF are they?

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You have probably seen two-toned candles in metaphysical stores, expecially red and black ones. Wow, red and black – that looks like some kind of devil worshipping stuff, right? Not a bit of it.

multiple colors of double action candles

Black-topped red, white, and green double-action candles.

Double-action candles are indeed often found in black and red, but they are also made with white and green as well. There are other two-toned candles, such as Road Opener candles which are usually green and gold. Multi-toned candles that have no black are not usually thought of as “double action”, but instead are multiple manifestations of the same goal. Green and gold in Road Opener, for example, are colors used for money. Green represents growth and health, while gold/yellow represents energy, thought, and will. Together they both work to bring about a certain result. You occasionally see a yellow candle with a purple top, which is a Crown of Glory candle, and again the colors work together for the same goal.

Double-action, on the other hand, is two different purposes in one candle. The black on top represents the crossed condition that has to be burned away, while the color on the bottom is used to basically thumb one’s metaphysical nose at the perpetrator of the cross, to say my will is going to overcome your will in this matter. I’m going to succeed and strengthen my energy that you tried to quash. It’s rubbing your enemy’s nose in the fact that you have broken through their spell. It may not sound very Christian to be spiteful to your enemies, but this is Hoodoo, and it is often pretty self-centered like that. It’s just a different way of thinking, that’s all. Read more…