Rowan- House Psychic Cleansing

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So you feel you have unwanted visitors, things go bump in the night. The feeling of negativity and unease follows you as if watching or prying, it is not pleasant. It wears at you, troubles your sleep, even physically harasses. If this is so, you need to take charge of YOUR space. This negativity, whatever it is and wherever it has come from needs to be evicted. It will not just go on its own when it is bored as time to the spirit world does not exist. It will stay until you make it go. You will first need your own positivity and inner self knowledge, for then you must go through the ritual of owning your habit.

winter rowan tree

Cleaning your home can be done in many ways but this is how we do it in Wales; probably because we have plenty of Rowan* and it has been done this way since the Druids.  Usually, about 9 Rowan sticks is sufficient for most houses or shops as you will need one for each room. You will also need a candle that can be carried safely, sea salt and water.

Preparation- take a teaspoon of sea salt and stir it into a small bowl of water- you will be using this brine solution to sprinkle or flick around the room into each corner. Put your candle in a tidy holder that can be safely moved without falling or going out. If you can, enlist the help of two people as it makes this easier, but you can manage solo. It just takes longer.

rowan wood

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First, when all is ready, candle lit and bowl prepared, cast a circle around yourself.
Face East , breath deeply, filling your lungs with air and think of all that Air means to you. Then say “Air I salute you”
Turn a quarter to the South, look into the flame, feel the heat and think of all that Fire means to you. Then say “Fire I salute you”
Next, turn to face West, dip your finger in the bowl, feel the water and think of all that Water means to you. Say “Water I salute you”
Last, face North, feel the floor beneath your feet, know and own being human, a child of creation and say “Earth I salute you”

Then go to the top of the house, starting with the attic if you can.  Walk into the furthest room, going to each and every corner, every nook and cranny.  As you sprinkle the brine and bring firelight say,

“I cleanse this room of all negativity, be gone all unwanted visitors and do not return.”

As you walk out of the door place a Rowan stick in the doorway.  Repeat this in every room driving the negativity before you.  When you reach the last room or hallway, have the exterior door open and exit the premises so that the final Rowan is in the exterior doorway.  Then (because you are now outside) turn and say,

“Be gone all unwanted and uninvited energies; DO NOT RETURN.
By Druid wood, henceforth let only the Good enter herein. ”

Step over the Rowan, go inside and close the door.  The job is done.  Now you can place or hang the rowan sticks over each door to make sure the situation remains secure.

raven and rowan

Word of warning- if the unwanted entity has attached itself to you or one of your household members you will also need to self cleanse or group cleanse in conjunction to this ritual. Otherwise, it is like scrubbing clean the house yet walking in with your wellies still full inside with pond water!

A simple way to do this solitary or together is to stand in a circle and call and salute the elements in turn starting with the East. Then, turning clockwise or deosil, South, then West and last, North.
Light a Sage smudge stick and pass it from one to another clockwise; as you hold it say, “Let all negativity be gone from me, may I walk only in the light”. Blow on the smudge stick making it glow and smoke and inhale three times before passing it on. Each person does this. Repeat the rotation and procedure three times around the circle.
Finally, thank the elements in turn to close the circle again. Start in the North and go anti- clockwise, or widdershins, saying, “North and Earth, thanks and farewell”, “West and Water, thanks and farewell”, then as before for South and Fire and East and Air.

You may need to periodically repeat both these rituals if your visitor is strong and determined- but be strong and confident and you will succeed. Also, placing hematite, amethyst and rose quartz in your home will help, as will fresh flowers, healthy plants, and crystals that bring in the sunlight.

Blessings, Talogwitch

*Rowan is also known to some as Mountain Ash and to the Celts it was called Druid Wood for it was the wood burned and the fumes inhaled by the Druids to induce trance.   The Celts saw that Rowan, unlike all other wood, does not readily burn thus, appearing to defy nature, as if protected by the spirits. Hence, they saw within it the virtue of psychic protection. To make Rowan burn one needs a very hot bed of embers. The Druids placed it within red hot oak embers and then inhaled the smoke to enhance their shamanic journeying.